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Results of great vertical jump training

See Amazing Results!

You can try a bunch of different training programs and work your butt off at each of them, but if you don’t see desirable results you’ll probably become frustrated and give up hope of attaining the results you want.

In your search for the best vertical jump program, it is important that you understand what can be achieved with just the right choice of jump training method.


Take a look at this video previewing the effects of a program used by Pro-Athletes all over the world – including Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington: the world’s highest jumper on record – with a 50.5 inch vertical!

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Everyone can learn how to jump higher fast!

Everyone can learn how to jump higher fast!

*Note: This is a review on different types of jumping workouts.

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Choosing the best vertical jump program for you can be the difference between gaining explosive increases in your jumping ability and adding nothing at all to your vet – or worse yet, ending up with a bum knee! The problem is, there are training courses all over that claim to be the “secret” jump training workout – the one that will make you fly like Mike tomorrow. In such a saturated market, it can be hard to know which one is the one that will work best for you (or if one will even work for you at all!).

Well the first bit of good news is this very important fact; absolutely anyone can learn how to get hops!

Until recently, it has been widely believed that great leaping ability and high vertical jumps were something you either had or you didn’t. Having lots of “bounce” was looked at as something of a gift bestowed from the sports gods – one would be so lucky to be blessed with this.

However, recent developments in sports training methods, coupled with advancements in the medical field – broadening our knowledge of human physiology and anatomy – have resulted in wave of mega-high flyers and superhuman leapers from all walks of life. People all over the world are rapidly achieving fantastic increases in their vertical jump – no matter their height, weight and size, age or ethnicity.

So, how’d they do it? What’s the secret?


They found a highly effective vertical jump program, and stuck to it! Obviously you have to put in the proper work once you’ve found the best training method, but you must make sure you choose correctly or your dreams of adding lots of inches to your vert will be doomed from the start.

Things to consider when deciding on the best jumping workouts:

1) Desirable Results: Different programs boast different degrees of results. Look for those that exhibit the type of results you want. Most importantly, make sure that the program can actually deliver. One way to gauge if something will work for you is to see how well and how often it has worked for others.

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2) Elements of Good Vertical Jump Programs: Understand the important facts – the subtle nuances that a jump program should focus on in their method of improving your vertical leap ability.

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3) Elements of Poor Jump Training: Being informed means understanding some of the things that can indicate if a vert program is bad and you should avoid it.

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When looking for the best vertical jump program, there are some things that you should check out before you dive in. Below is a checklist of Good and Bad aspects that you should consider before making the decision to follow along with a specific jump training program.

Features of an Effective Vertical Jump Program

  • Quick & High Quality Results:

  • When training with the most effective program, it shouldn’t take long to start seeing some improvements (on the order of a few days to a few weeks or so). The curriculum as a whole shouldn’t be lengthy either…If it is, then you’re probably wasting effort and energy somewhere along the lines, and you’re most likely not maximizing your potential within each workout.
  • The results that you see during your program training – and especially after the completion of the curriculum – should be high quality, quantifiable, measurable results. The absolute best program should enable you to jump noticeably higher, fast!
  • Transferable Process:

  • The only reason you shouldn’t be able to complete a workout in the program is if you find yourself fatigued from giving it your all in the prior portion of the training session. Every exercise should be relatively easy to understand – demonstrations should also be included to ensure success and development.
  • People of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels, and genetics should be able to see accurate results by following the program instructions to the tee. The absolute best jumping workouts shouldn’t require equipment, facilities, or advanced workout knowledge (things not easily accessible to everyone) in order to jump higher.
  • Scientific Verification:

  • Newly discovered training techniques, such as “Targeted Explosive Plyometric” training – at the forefront of athletic development – should be included in your training. Methods like this have led to a massive increase in the amount of people who’ve seen amazing increases in their vertical leap stat.
  • Targeted Explosive Plyometric Training laser targets the subset of fast-twitch muscles – Type II B Fibers – that are responsible for muscle coordination; leading to more explosiveness in jumping and running ability. The absolute best jump training programs include this method, or something comparable.

Features of a Bad Vertical Jump Program

  • Large Work + Small Gain:

  • A bad vertical leap training program is one that makes you jump too much… Sound crazy? Well, think about it. The most effective training should be able to squeeze every inch out of your jumping performance with minimal effort on your part.
  • Training methods that instruct you to jump habitually simply for the sake of increasing jump reps, is a sure sign of a bad vertical jump program. It’s also a sure way to put enormous strain on your knees and the other joints in your legs.
  • Sub Maximal Jumping:

  • In all programs aimed at increasing vertical jumping ability, the standard should be to jump as high as possible on each rep. Each time you perform a sub-maximal jump, you waste energy and lose progress.
  • The idea of jumping your very highest on every rep may seem excessive. However, this notion is negated by the fact that the best jump training programs should feature relatively lower amounts of jump reps. This means that you don’t burn yourself, while giving your body a chance to maximize its output and overall progress.

One widely recommended program is the VertShock vertical training system. VertShock has all of the features of a good training method, and none of the bad features you want to avoid.

It takes you by the hand, and shows you step-by-step one of the easiest and most effective ways to greatly increase your vertical jump in just a short time.

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